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"The Meta Group" literally says "please stop spreading hate" because "The Meta Group" is tired of a single person or a group of writers being publicly, bandwagon-style hated-on because of that person/group of writers ideas as expressed in a TV show and then… "The Meta Group"…

It’s like pre-school before kids learn how to share: it’s MY show, these are MY followers how DARE you take their attention away from me! *wah!*

The name calling is the equivalent of a toddler throwing themselves on the floor and kicking their feet, screaming and crying incoherently.

Since we can’t just sit them in a corner, the best solution is to ignore it and let them ride out their tantrum. Eventually it’ll be time for them to nap and maybe they will find something else to entertain their followers and themselves.

After all, even toddlers eventually figure out that tantrums don’t get results.

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What exactly did the Sterek fandom do to JD and MTV? I mean other than give free publicity to TW and awards? Did we ask a little too mutch for DECENT representation (hint: a few girls raising their hands to work with Erica, DOESN'T count nor does a verified by the creator lesbian turned bisexual to lure fans). Or was it the fact that we don't accept crappy behaviour towards fans and that we were calling them out on it? Honestly I'm extremely happy I never followed a Meta writer in this fandom.
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Some of the meta writers in this fandom are dumbasses. They refuse to accept the fact that they too were fucked over by Jeff Davis and MTV. These meta writers still believe that Jeff is a great man with a brilliant plan and everything is fine.

They just can’t accept that they are like everyone else in this fandom. They were fucked over. They were spit on and stepped on. They’re not special. There’s NOTHING deep within Jeff’s bullshit writing. There’s nothing to analyze, that is, unless you’re analyzing the structure of Kira’s leather jacket.

They want so badly to feel like they’re in league with Jeff or something. As if Jeff cares about them because they continue to praise his work and whatever murky ass vision he has.

They’ve lost their ground to stand on, so now, they’re pulling shit out of their asses with all this stupid, “the Sterek shippers made Jeff act this way.”

No, Jeff is acting this way because he’s not a talented writer and because Sterek became bigger and more interesting than any of the bullshit he thought up. He’s jealous and bitter. These meta writers need to just accept that.

Hi. Yea so I’ve been relatively inactive lately (and by relatively inactive I mean completely inactive) due to school keeping me ridiculously busy but I have decided to take some time and respond to this one because this is rather ridiculous. Running out of bad things to say about a creator who’s show you don’t watch anymore because your points have proven futile in the past has obviously led to further embarrassment on your part in that you decide to come after a group of individuals who are actually really kind people who write because they are interested in it. I’ve replied to posts of yours previously about how awful the show is and everything because personally I don’t find it awful. There are certainly parts about it that aren’t well done and there are always things I wish could be improved but I find that in every show I’ve ever watched. But I’m going to take a pause in my commenting on the show to say something about these wonderful people you apparently have decided are “dumbasses who want to feel like they’re in league with Jeff or something. Who’ve lost their ground to stand on, so now they’re pulling shit out of their asses”.

I’m a student at Princeton University currently ranked the #1 school in the United States. Has been the top school the last 3 years in a row. I’m going for degrees in mathematics and/or philosophy. I have been taught how to analyze text by some of the best people in the world at their profession. I tell you this because here’s a fact - the meta writers have been doing some of the best textual analysis I’ve ever seen. Despite being unaware of where they have studied or are currently studying I can say with absolute certainty that they are fantastic at what they do. They utilize nearly every possible technique in order to come up with the metas read on here. They have made me a better reader, student, and philosopher. So I take a slight personal offense to having their level of intelligence called into question. Anyway back to your argument.

You claim that we have been fucked over by Jeff and MTV. Ok so you’re angry. Great. We get it. In fact, we’ve gotten it the last 5,000 times you’ve expressed it. I can only speak for myself but personally I don’t feel fucked over. Am I disappointed in some things? Absolutely. I thought the second half of the season finale was weird. The first half is almost an entirely different episode. I have a feeling that was caused by the last minute re-shoots performed. Season 5 was confirmed and made into 20 episodes and thus there were obvious changes made in the script and in the final version of the episode. What was taken out? What plot point was changed? I have no idea but you can be certain that I’m excited to find out.

However, I assume that you intend the “we’ve been fucked over” to be in reference to Sterek. Okay. Let’s talk about that. Has there ever at any time been a statement made by anyone associated with Teen Wolf that Sterek was going to become canon? No. There was talk of the possibility and potential for Sterek to become canon. Would it work? Absolutely. Is it canon? No. Should it be? Depends on who you ask. In my personal opinion yes. It should be a part of the story. That being said, given the actual canon characters of Stiles and Derek I do not believe they are prepared to become a couple. Are they moving closer? Hard to tell because they were kept apart by outside forces for so long. I say this in complete sincerity - Stiles and Derek are currently in canon unprepared to enter into a relationship with each other. I get the fact that it is a television show and as such the characters can do whatever. But I find Stiles’ story to be incredibly intriguing. You have this teenager who is struggling to find himself. Everyone he knows can do things he is unable to do or know who they are and what they want. He’s never had a relationship before with anyone and even moreso the only person who consistently talks to him on a regular basis is his best friend. We see throughout the first couple seasons that Stiles multiple times alludes to a possibility in an attraction for guys, however the person he is trying to tell brushes him off. Danny is confused and never gives an answer. Scott walks away from the first question and then brushes off the second attempt as if it were a joke. His father outright denies the possibility. What has experience taught Stiles thus far? He has been conditioned to believe he is supposed to be straight and the people around him don’t want to hear any different. He has learned in the last season that he needs to accept himself before anyone else can accept him. Now he needs to figure out who the hell he is. That is a very difficult task and one made tougher by the fact that he feels alone in doing so. I feel like the end of the season brought Stiles that closure and he can now start moving on and showing everyone who he is. Will he? I don’t know. We will have to wait and see.

Now let’s discuss Derek Hale. Up until these last 2 seasons he has been blaming himself for the death of his family. He has carried around that guilt every day since it happened and there has been more guilt added to it. Outwardly he is an angry person but inwardly he is broken. He has been used, tortured, and hunted simply for being who he is. If you can honestly tell me with a straight face that the Derek leaving 3b was in a good enough place to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship with anybody let alone Stiles Stilinski, I will be shocked and appalled. He may have been better in 3b than previously but he was still struggling with himself. In season 4 he believed he was dying. Why would he proclaim his love for Stiles when he thinks he is going to die shortly? Certainly Derek is smarter than telling a 17 year old that you love him right before you die. Instead, he developed a relationship with Braedon. Was it the most healthy relationship in history? Absolutely not. Was it healthy for Derek? Absolutely. The relationship with Braedon was good for him because both understood that he might die. Neither one was very emotionally invested in the other. However, it proved to Derek that he is allowed to have nice things without them being based on complete lies that will destroy him or the people he loves later. I would say that after season 4 Derek might be ready to enter into a relationship. Prior to this season? Unlikely to almost impossibly. It wouldn’t work out. There would be too many issues to work through. After season 4 I feel pretty good about where his development is headed and what lies in store. Both Stiles and Derek are realizing either who they are or that they are worthy. These are massive changes that alter lives completely. I firmly believe that they are finally in a place where a positive, loving relationship can take place.

"Jeff is a great man with a brilliant plan and everything is fine." Once again I can only speak for myself. I don’t know Jeff Davis. I don’t know much about him. I am not going to comment on the type of person he is because I don’t pay enough attention to him for that. As for his writing, I enjoy it. I firmly believe he has a story in mind that he has been telling and it is going to be concluded shortly. I absolutely believe that the major plot points in Teen Wolf have been around since almost the beginning. Looking at the way the show has been set up, each season is like a chapter within a bigger story. In order to reach the finish line and understand what happened, we have to start with the beginning and learn all these other facts. So yes I do believe Jeff is a good writer. Is he perfect? Absolutely not. He makes mistakes. He has some issues that have not been addressed. However, the overall story is fairly fascinating and the majority of his characters are well-rounded intriguing people who could, any one of them, be an interesting sole lead. There are always problems with television shows and movies, however it’s making sure that the overall picture is a good body of work that matters. So far I believe Jeff has done that. There are some bumps in the road but we are steadily heading towards our final destination. Jeff has always been writing his story. Any thought otherwise would be absolutely ludicrous. "He’s jealous and bitter." Are you sure you aren’t the one who’s jealous and bitter? I mean, at the end of the day Jeff is the one writing the story and you’re the one left miserable. He is happy with his story and he is enjoying creating the show. He still is the main writer of the show. I don’t understand how he could possibly be jealous or bitter towards a group of people who have no influence over what he writes or how he writes it. Could he be upset that people don’t love his story? Sure. He probably wants everyone to like what he puts out there, but he understands that’s not how the world works. Some people are going to be unhappy with what he writes and that’s the way it is. Yet, at the end of the day it is Jeff’s story and we are the ones along for the ride. I’m excited to see where this ride takes me and what the finish is like. If you aren’t, that’s fine but don’t attempt to insult a group of people simply because they like something you don’t. It’s rather classless and distasteful.

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Avast, me Hearties! Tis that most treasured day of the year when it’s talkin like pirates ye should be doing. So I thought I’d share a wee lesson, me lil-lass introduced me too.


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Password: Do do do do do do do

Strut on a line, it’s discord and rhyme. A Teen Wolf Rock Band AU / Cast Dance Party. Made for Club Vivid 2014.

Download + Notes: AO3 | Dreamwidth

hey notenufcaffeine and geekwithfangirlskills, because we all need some dancing today

This makes the day sooooo much better!

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"The point is, Stiles, it’s here in the sanctuary or within a week the hunters back home take care of you their way. This way, maybe you’re screwed, but at least you’re alive. After what happened to Al-"

"What the hell is a…

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-Dylan confirming what we all knew…that he literally rolls out of bed right before going in public (x)

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Troping Derek: Season 4

Part 1 | Part 2

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Troping Derek: Season 4

Part 1 | Part 2

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I bet you didn’t think you needed a photo of Ming-Na Wen wearing a Mulan bathing suit?

But you did.

You really did.

That’s it, I’m dead.